Mox Amber Investing

Okay, so I am about to conduct an investment case study, on one of Magic the Gathering’s latest high-profile cards, and newest Mox gems.

My plan is to wait until Wizards prints so much of Dominaria, that the card reaches a price of $10.00 or less per card.

Once it reaches this level, I will start my purchasing process, and will continue to purchase (dollar cost averaging) Mox Amber cards up until the set is finally out of print.

Mox Amber

About a year after the printing of Dominaria has ceased, I will begin to research whether or not I should begin offloading my investment, assuming the price per Mox Amber card is at or above the $20.00 price range.

If so, as I am selling off my investment, I will be earning at least a 100% return, not taking into account seller fees and shipping costs, but not a bad return either way.

I will also be utilizing the dollar cost averaging method via my liquidation process as well, so I suspect that my overall investment return percentages will only grow and grow overtime to boot.

I will keep a record of all my numbers during this investment experiment, and will keep you in the loop as soon as it begins via monthly updates here on my blog… so please stay tuned and enjoy my fellow gamers!

Updated on May 14 2018

I decided to go with the gold dragon scale Legion 9 card per page portfolio with double matte black sleeves for the ultimate contrast experience, and for storing my soon to be slowly acquired Mox Amber card collection slash investment.

Gold Legion Portfolio for my Mox Amber Investment


    1. Hey there Someone, and thanks for the comment.

      As of right now, I have not started buying yet, because the price per card is still going down, but as soon as it levels off for more than a month straight, I will start buying in.


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