Valuing Iconic Masters

Once upon a time, I too used to be heavily into Magic the Gathering.

Luckily, for a pretty short stint though.

Yes, I know, quite unbelievable… but the truth no less.

Anyway, when I played, there were no fucking vehicles, and zombies didn’t pilot helicopters either.

I played when Magic actually made sense, and when the creators still hadn’t run out of ideas yet.

Yes, times were definitely good back then.

Oh, and one of the biggest pluses when I played, was that the “collectible” card aspect actually meant something, because the cards were actually worth something, and would go up in value over time to boot if you held on to them.

None of this could be said with today’s product, because it’s all shite, printed on crappy paper that curls and bends within a matter of days.

Oh, and before I go on, I really couldn’t get over the waste of paper aspect, as it pertained to common and uncommon card types.

There was always so much unneeded waste, and I really wish Wizards of the Coast would stop printing non-essential cards.

Fortunately, I believe the writing is on the wall with this company, because over the past year or so, they have shown unmistakable signs of desperation.

Which means, back at Wizards headquarters, things aren’t looking so hot.

They are pushing out 2 to 3 Masters sets a year now, and the whole lottery card bit thing is getting rather old.

Even the most devout fans are starting to wake up to the bullshit, and even the Magic the Gathering YouTube stars are being forced to speak the truth about the hand that feeds them.

Iconic Masters is a complete shit set, with only one card in the set, that may or may not break you even on a box if you’re lucky.

And I mean really, really lucky!

In 2018, Wizards of the Coast will finally release a supposed quality digital product, which has yet to be seen.

It only took them 4 years for fuck sake…

And only after the monumentally successful Hearthstone has pretty much dominated the digital card playing landscape for those 4 years as well, and has pretty much raped Wizards of The Coast in the overall digital sales realm all that time to boot.

My final thoughts are, that Wizards of the Coast is following in the very same footsteps as Blockbuster, where little ole Netflix came out, and Blockbuster never paid it no mind.

They even turned down an offer to buy Netflix as a matter of fact.

And because Blockbuster failed to go digital before it was too late, them assholes went tits up, and right out of business.

Magic the Gathering is the old world still using physical product dinosaur, and their pivot into digital in my opinion is too late.

Their paper products will die more and more each year, as they struggle to find new ways to get people to buy their worthless cardboard.

I for one however… will not bite.

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