Gran Turismo Review

Before I even begin, I would like to first say, that I have been a Gran Turismo super fan boy, for a very very long time.

Since the beginning as a matter of fact, with the very first one way back in 1997 being my entry point, into arguably the greatest racing game franchise of all-time.

One of my fondest gaming memories of old, was receiving my very first DualShock controller, as a gift from my first love… in order to truly experience Gran Turismo in all its glory.

Gran Turismo 1 Screenshot

Now, with that being said, I must say, that Gran Turismo Sport, was definitely not my cup tea, and for obvious reasons which I will breakdown in this article.

One of the first reasons, is due to its always online nature, which I cannot stand, due to the high possibility of its servers going down, during times when I could actually play.

The second reason, is due to lag and slippage. I viewed cars shuddering all over the track because of poor connections, and it was definitely a major put off.

Gran Turismo Sport Screenshot 1

With all that aside, one of my favorite things about Gran Turismo back in the day, was the whole starting from the bottom, and making my way to the top routine.

Now, you just buy, or earn these super cars, or highly futuristic cars as you progress through different tasks, as opposed to earning money via the starter races with your used Honda Civic, of which you proudly purchased with your hard-earned credits.

Remember the days, when you would would win a race, and hurry on over to the parts department, to buy the best new parts you possibly could, with the money you scrounged up from that race you just won?

Gran Turismo 2 Upgrading Parts Screenshot

Then, when you were done outfitting your used Honda Civic with all them new parts, you took her over to the ole car wash, and got her all cleaned up to celebrate your recent victory, along with your brand new upgrades.

Unfortunately, that feeling is no more, and everything just doesn’t quite feel the same.

For you veterans of the series out there, I know you understand this feeling all too well… and I feel your pain and loss.

Gran Turismo Sport Screenshot 2

Oh, and finally, the reason why I just could not keep on playing Gran Turismo Sport, was due to the fact that official races were set to non-collision mode by default, which in my opinion, is just too fake and unrealistic for me to handle.

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