The Last Fan

It’s the age old question:

Should I, or shouldn’t I run a Twitch giveaway in order to potentially attract new viewers, fans, and maybe even if you’re lucky… some super fans?

The short answer is no, in fact… it’s fuck no!

And here’s why:

When you conduct your giveaway, the great majority of your view numbers, because at this point, that is all they are in fact, will ask in chat: “When’s the giveaway?”

Because in reality, that’s all they give a shit about, so expect this pattern of behavior to exist in your chat, if or when you do decide to run any Twitch giveaways.

Then, like me, you may have some sort of system in place, where the participants at some point would have had to of followed you on Twitch in order to get credit for that particular entry… which sounds awesome in theory right?

Well, here’s why this concept as a whole is balls!

I have at the time of this writing, 1,850 followers respectively, which in reality, is an absolutely useless following.

Tolkatore Twitch Channel

You know how many of those fuckers actually show up when I stream?

How’s “1” on a normal day, or a whopping “3” on a good day sound.

Does that sound good to you?

I didn’t think so!

Oh, and I know by now, what many of you are probably thinking.

Well maybe this guy just sucks at streaming, and doesn’t bring any entertainment value to his following right? Wrong, and here’s why:

I am no less entertaining than that Summit guy, or that Soda faggot either, so that’s definitely not the issue. The issue is, these mother fuckers just jump on board the follow train for the giveaways, and the giveaways only.

When you’re a broke bitch, and can’t afford any giveaways for awhile, those people you thought cared, will ditch you faster than a fat bitch in pursuit of some chocolate cake.

Mark my words boys and girls… it will happen.

Which brings me to my final point.

I had some nub in my chat for months, who I thought was there because he enjoyed the stream. Come to find out, as soon as he learned that there wasn’t a giveaway every week… that mother fucker was on his way out the door too.

The lesson here: only do giveaways if or when you establish an actual loyal following, of which you didn’t build on the back of a giveaway model system.

You will thank me for this advice if you decide to adhere to it, and I wish you the absolute best of luck as it pertains to all of your gamer streaming endeavors… so long as you deserve such a wish my fellow gamer.

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