Reddit Personal Profiles

Alright, so before I begin, let me explain the purpose of this particular article. I am penning this today, to see if whether or not Reddit personal profiles actually show up and rank well in Google search, and (don’t really matter) other search engines as well.

This will be a living article, meaning that it will take months of research to come to a final conclusion. I have to check the search engines each and every month to see if my posts are actually ranking, and to report if they are ranking well… hence the wait time.

My new account, which was specifically created to post, share, and contribute gamer related stuff, was created in June of 2017. I decided not to break this research down to exact days, because I figured monthly studies would be easier to track and understand.

Tolkabot Reddit Profile with Border

As you can see from the image (click here to enlarge) above, which is an overview of my Tolkabot (name of my Twitch chat bot) Reddit personal profile, that I am still very much a nooby.

Over the upcoming months, I will be posting more overview profile photographs, because I am very curious to know if ones combined karma points have any significance whatsoever when it comes to ranking in Google, and the other major search engines.

One of the strategies that I have been using so far, is to post one of my blog articles onto my Reddit personal profile every day, or every other day, so that is seems natural.

Then, when I have the time, I just do a quick Google search for related topics and keywords to see if I show up yet. Then, I type in the exact title of my post just to see if I am even ranking at all to begin with, and I will update my findings here in this article.

As of the time of this writing, on June 18 2017, not a single post of mine that was posted on my Reddit personal profile has been ranked in Google, or any other search engine.

Usually, when a company releases something new, that they want their users to adopt, they generally make them very desirable. Like when Facebook first started out with their business pages, they were extremely powerful, and ranked well in organic search.

Then, as the years went on, and they felt as if they’ve hooked enough people with their product, that they’ve been graciously giving away for free for so many years, they eventually turned off the free traffic, and had every one pay for results instead.

I was hoping that Reddit, in order to incentivize folks to use their new personal profiles would do the same, by making your posts very powerful in search, but so far… no dice!

If ole Reddit wants people to start using these things, they should really consider opening up the organic search flood gates, in order to get people really excited about using these things. I mean why not? It’s not as if Reddit couldn’t just cool down the power later on.

Anyway, enough about this topic today, and like I said above. I will be posting updates on this post from time to time in the upcoming months, to report if anything has changed, as far as the organic visibility in search engines is concerned.


After four months of testing, I have come to the conclusion, that Reddit personal profile links do not show up in search engine results.

Now to be fair, I only tested links, and not posts, so if you or someone you know has done tests with posts as well, please let my know the results via the comment section.

I hope this little study of mine was helpful to you, and thanks for stopping by.

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