Arcana Note Kickstarter

I don’t usually cover Kickstarter projects, especially ones that haven’t even started yet, but since this pertains to gaming, and the quality of the project is so amazing, I decided to pen an article on it to help out this particular designer slash creator.

Okay, so a little disclaimer here, I don’t actually play Dungeons and Dragons. Blaspheme, I know, but my simple mind isn’t imaginative enough to picture myself in the moment mentally. I have to actually see everything. In other words… video games.

Arcana Note Kickstarter Image 001

Anywho, when I first saw this project, the first thought that came to mind was quality. Too many times we see these type of products made in China, and created by the lowest bidder, where as this creator desires to use quality products and manufacturers.

I did dabble in Magic the Gathering for a brief moment, but left the game once zombies and creatures without arms started flying helicopters, so I know of these types of products, and have experienced some of the really poorly made ones in the past.

Arcana Note Kickstarter Image 002

If you follow the physical gaming world, you most likely know of the Professor, of the Tolarian Community College. If you don’t, let me briefly catch you up. Not only is he a big celebrity in the Magic the Gathering realm, but he also reviews related products.

Products that pertain to table top, and trading card games mostly. Anyway, my point is, is that I strongly believe that this hopefully soon to market product would potentially score very high marks per the Professor, and will most likely receive a top grade.

Arcana Note Kickstarter Image 003

With that being said, I respectfully ask that you go give this project a once over, and if you think it’s out of this world like I do, and would potentially use it at your next game night, then throw it some bucks to help this super sweet product become a reality.

Simply click here to check out the Arcana Note Kickstarter project.

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