Magic YouTube Celebrities

I watch most of the big guys in the Magic the Gathering community on YouTube, and I find it interesting to see how they differ in max level of subscriber saturation.

First off, before I get into the different YouTuber’s, I’d like to state my opinion on the community in its entirety as it pertains to YouTube.

That opinion being, that I believe the max reach on YouTube for Magic the Gathering is only (not including Pokemon hybrid channels) around 300,000 people.

Now, lets look at crazy Rudy of Alpha Investments. He was growing at around 10,000 subscribers per month, for the last we’ll say 8 months, and has now loitered at around 78, 79, 80 thousand respectfully for the last month or so.

Please note, that Rudy does not pay people to promote his channel, or at least doesn’t openly admit it publicly.

Now on to Jeremy of Unsleeved Media, the internet’s most hated Magic YouTube celebrity, or so Wizards of the Coast would like you to believe anyway.

The guys not bad, albeit a little hypocritical at times, but not bad in my humble opinion. The guy has been stuck at 145,000 for ages now, and I’ll give you my opinion as to why.

Jeremy made the mistake of using influencer marketing with Boogie, who just recently reached the 4 million subscriber milestone, and although Boogie is alright, most of his fans are emotional types, who look to Boogie for inspiration in their own lives.

Also, as most know already, Boogie plays games is a total failure, and that is reflected in Jeremy’s in my opinion wasted influencer dollars.

I would say that Rudy’s and Jeremy’s audience are one in the same for the most part, and if Jeremy never paid to promote his channel, he too would have had the same lull in subscriber counts as ole crazy Rudy.

In reality, all of Jeremy’s paid subscribers are dead accounts, which reflects in his views to subscriber ratio via his channel.

Then you have the Professor of the Tolarian Community College, which is the opposite of Jeremy in Wizards eyes, because he is their darling.

Athough Wizards is stupid for promoting the Professor, because as we’ve seen time and time again, you cannot buy the Professors blessing, as he has proven in so many of his videos. He tells it like it is, especially when it comes to products.

The Professor has blown up, and has become the absolute biggest Magic the Gathering YouTube celebrity on Earth, and I believe this to be so, due to the fact that he is very neutral, and doesn’t rub people the wrong way on either side… for the most part.

He is too honest, and way to open book like not to like, and the reason why he has grown so big in my opinion, is because he covers other card games now as well, including the most popular of them all… Pokemon!

This has a lot to do with his huge subscriber numbers, and a good example of this is Derium’s. Card Shop Life star Kevin was a bomb waiting to go off, and he did, and his channel maxed out at around 45,000 subscribers… his Magic channel that is.

He started to hate it, and he was very open about this. He began to hate the Magic community, including its stars, and he wanted a change… so he left Magic behind.

Shorty after he dropped the microphone on the Magic the Gathering community as a whole, he found his sweet spot in Pokemon, and my oh my… has it really worked out for him and his crew.

He is absolutely killing it with Pokemon, and good on him. Oh, and he was actually one of the pioneers on the revelation as to the max audience theory when it comes to subscribers on YouTube. I remember him clearly discussing this on a daily basis.

Now, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite Magic YouTuber… Lion! I kid, I kid, but I like the guy enough to watch or cringe through most of his videos.

Even if he has recently figured out that you gotta make videos longer than 10 minutes now on YouTube, to maximize them ad dollars, and earn that boost in the algorithm.

Lion, like I’ve said before. Don’t try to appease the YouTube gods, and go back to making short, informative, and much less annoying videos. Only creepy Rudy can talk for fucking ever in his videos and get away with it. You however my friend… cannot.

Anywho, Lion tries real hard, with giveaways, paying cam models, and even promoting his channel directly through YouTube… (which Jeremy absolutely loves by the way) and the man has been stuck at 25,000 for months now.

In my opinion, people watch him, but they don’t really like him, so they never hit that “big red button”. I have, and I don’t mind him that much, except when he tells us the same story a million times… ya really gotta stop that bruh.

So, with that being said, it goes to show you that you can’t really buy Magic the Gathering fans as a whole, which is good to know.

They are a stubborn, intelligent, and highly opinionated group of individuals, and if they like you well enough, they will subscribe… but they can’t be bought.

Well, I don’t feel like writing anymore, so I guess I will stop now.

What’s your thoughts on this highly unnecessary topic that I just wasted hours minutes (can’t you tell) of my life on, and who is your favorite YouTube celebrity, and which ones do you hate and why my fellow gamers?

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