Tolkabot Chat Ranks

For your convenience, listed below is the official Twitch chat rank structure chart for my stream, and in it you will find each rank listed from lowest to highest, and the required time needed in order to earn your next rank promotion via chat.

Rank Watch Time Required
Nubster 1 Hour
Nubby 2 Hours
Noob 3 Hours
Noobster 5 Hours
Nooby 7 Hours
Recruit 10 Hours
Elite Recruit 12 Hours
Master Recruit 15 Hours
Apprentice 20 Hours
Elite Apprentice 25 Hours
Master Apprentice 30 Hours
Private 35 Hours
Corporal 40 Hours
Specialist 45 Hours
Chief 50 Hours
Sergeant 60 Hours
Gamer Chief 70 Hours
Gamer Sergeant 80 Hours
Master Gamer Chief 90 Hours
Master Gamer Sergeant 100 Hours
Ensign 125 Hours
Lieutenant 150 Hours
Elite Lieutenant 175 Hours
Super Duper Lieutenant 200 Hours
Captain 250 Hours
Elite Captain 300 Hours
Pirate Ship Captain 350 Hours
Commander 400 Hours
Elite Commander 450 Hours
Commander of Noobs 500 Hours
Colonel 550 Hours
Elite Colonel 600 Hours
Full Tilt Colonel 650 Hours
General 700 Hours
Elite General 750 Hours
Master Race General 800 Hours
Chat Commander 850 Hours
Elite Chat Commander 900 Hours
? 1,000 Hours
?? 10,000 Hours
??? 100,000 Hours

Ranking up is fun and easy, and just one of the many perks to being a part of my stream. If you’d like to check your rank, simply type the command (!Rank) or (!Tokens) in my Twitch channel chat to view your rank, class, token bankroll, and total watch time.

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