Call of Duty

I’ve decided to create a living blog post, which will be updated every time a new Call of Duty game is about to be released. In this post, I will include a poll link, which will simply ask the question: Are you going to buy the new Call of Duty game?

The latest iteration of Call of Duty will copy from the king of all first person shooters, Battlefield, where Activision plans on stepping back into the past, with a World War Two themed Call of Duty. The question… will they get your money?

Simply click here to cast your vote or view results!


  1. Good idea. Although many ‘hardcore gamers’ have turned their back on Call Of Duty, the franchise is still heavily popular with a large swath of players. I predict this latest game will be the most successful for the series in the modern generation.

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    1. I hear that, and it will certainly be interesting to watch your prediction unfold. I know Sony has already begun marketing the game directly through the PlayStation notification system, so I do believe it will be a ridiculously huge seller as well.

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