ColorWare Company Review

Alright, so I’ve been meaning to type this blog post our for some time now, considering the fact that I think this company is totally awesome, and the fact that I will be giving away one of their custom products via my next gamer giveaway.

A little disclaimer before I begin: I’ve only purchased two items from this company in the past, one custom Sony PlayStation 3 controller, and one custom PlayStation 4 controller as well… and both controllers were beyond amazing!

Everything about this company screams meticulosity, and there is no denying the fact that they strive for perfection in the hardest way possible when it comes to each and everyone of their custom made products.

I was just so impressed with their work, I mean even their packaging was insanely great and easy to fall in love with. I mean just check out my custom PlayStation 4 controller below that ColorWare customized for me… isn’t she gorgeous?

My SmeeTaMaya Sony Green PlayStation Controller

Oh, and the best part is… they don’t only create custom video game consoles and accessories. They also create custom telephones, headphones, and other accessories as well. If you got the time, go check out their website for a full list of categories.

To make things even easier, you could simply order any product you’re in the market for directly from them. For example, say you’re in the market for an iPhone right, and you want it to be totally awesome and unique… well you could just order the retro version like the one seen below directly from ColorWare.

Apple iPhone Retro by ColorWare Showroom

Anyway, from what I’ve seen from my own personal experience, these guys and gals over at ColorWare are the real deal, and they release new custom design schemes all the time, so be sure to join their mailing list for updates on what’s new.

As for my Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Retro (an exclusive ColorWare model seen below) giveaway that I’ve got going on, which ends on June 30 2017. If you haven’t already entered by now, simply click here to do so… and good luck!



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