Alara Shade Perlers

I just received my custom made gamer tag Perler in the mail the other day, created by the one and only world renowned artist, classic personal computer game streamer, and Diablo 2 enthusiast Miss Alara Shade!

I loved it so much and her quality of workmanship, that I decided to create a blog post about it, in order to help spread the word about her totally awesome creative skills.

If you’ve ever gone to any of the big geek slash gaming events around the globe, you’ve most likely have ran into a few tables hocking some perlerware. Well, so have I, but most of the time… they just never had the exact Perler I was looking for at the time.

Well, now you no longer have that problem, because Alara accepts commissions. If you’re interested in seeing some of her past Perler designs, simply click here to check out her too sweet Instagram gallery slash portfolio.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do, and if you ever want to watch her in action putting these babies together, simply click here to visit her on Twitch. Oh, and below, is an unboxing video of my very own custom made Alara Shade Perler!

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