Twitch Giveaway Suppression

Now, before I begin, I have to clearly state that I have no idea if this is actually happening, nor can I prove that Twitch is actually doing this, but the obvious change in interaction while streaming is quite uncanny.

Just what the hell am I talking about you ask?

Well, basically, up until a few months ago, I would put the word “raffle” or “giveaway” in the title of my stream on Twitch, in order to entice viewers and potential followers to start watching my stream.

As you could imagine, most of the tool bags who clicked on in were just there for the giveaway, and could give two shits about my channel. Yes, this is common while using the giveaway lure, but it does in fact build your viewership numbers.

The higher your viewership, the higher up you go in rank for whatever game you’re currently playing… which is always a good thing. Plus, my giveaways are always United States only, and most of the nubs flowing in are from Zimbabwe or some shit like that.

Anywho, out of the 99% who come in just looking for something free, there is that 1% left over that may actually become a regular around your stream. A positive participant in your stream ecosystem if you will, which is always a great thing.

Now… to my point.

Lately, I’ve noticed that the ole raffle slash giveaway lure trick is no longer working. Now, like I said above, it could very well be that my stream just totally fucking (very likely actually) sucks… which I won’t argue.

It could be that everyone and their mother on Twitch has figured this sham trick out, and that there is just so many fucking giveaways going on, that there are just no more bodies left over to come hangout in my stream.

Oh, or it could just be that 99% of the raffles slash giveaways on Twitch are absolute bullshit, and people have become immune to such shenanigans?

And finally, it could actually be a suppression code built (my tin foil hat is totally on baby) and implemented by Twitch, to squash viewership baiting via raffles and giveaways. I mean, after-all, it is in Twitch’s best interest to have their top stars remain at the top.

The top dogs make them all their money, and for the most part… control their actions.

If a big game is coming out, well guess what partners… you bitches are going to play it!

Because this game studio right here is paying us a shit load of (cough, cough… For Honor!) money to promote it, so you bitches don’t have a choice.

You’ll play it… and you’ll like it too!

Anywho, who really knows what’s happening, but one thing is for sure. The trick definitely no longer works for me, which again… isn’t saying much.

Again, all of this shit is just speculation, and I have absolutely no way of proving any of it.

Even if I did, I doubt Twitch would ever admit to any of this anyway.

So in the end… I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Well, if you’ve stumbled upon this here blog post because you too were wondering the same thing, sound off in the comment section below… I’d love to hear about it.

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