YouTube Red Originals

Alright, so I’m going to try and take it easy here, because I do really love YouTube, and my YouTube Red subscription very much, but…

I know Google isn’t really making any money, if any at all with YouTube right now, and Red was supposed to be their saving grace, but their original content is just absolutely terrible.

It could be that I’m not a millennial, and that I just don’t understand, but the only show on Red I would ever even consider watching, would be “MatPat’s Game Lab”.

Oh, and I’ve been a Red subscriber since the day it released, and still have never watched a single episode of it… well maybe the first one I think.

If they want to get serious about this original content game, they need to start creating shit that people actually want to watch. You know, like how Amazon and Netflix always seems to do.

It shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish either, because remember my friends:

YouTube Red is a pay wall, so they can literally create mature rated shows and get away with it, just like the aforementioned companies are doing… and those guys are fucking killing it!

Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if YouTube didn’t make anything at all, and just used the extra monies us Red subscribers are paying to make the platform run smoother.

I really only pay the $9.99 a month to shutdown adverts, because I fucking hate advertising! I have a Twitch Prime and Reddit Gold subscription for this very reason as well, and I absolutely love giving them my money each month.

Just save your money Google, because I don’t think anyone really watches any of them shows you’re making, and I think it’s just a big waste of time on your guys part.

I mean come on: “Single by 30″… really?

Just let it go Google, or create some good shit for us to watch. Either way, I’m sticking with you, so you do what you must. I just think your time and money could be better spent elsewhere.

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