Amazon Merch Freeze

Well, I just searched again via Google for at least some word as to when Amazon will unfreeze my Merch account, and finally allow me to start uploading designs again, but have yet to see any recent posts pertaining to this matter.

My only guess as to why, is because a lot of the bigger players are already able to upload designs, and all of the smaller players aren’t complaining about it yet.

Does anyone out there have any clue as to whether or not us little guys and gals will ever have the ability to upload again?

I mean, I definitely do understand why they cut the cord originally for all Merch program participants back in December of 2016, because Amazon just couldn’t keep up… which is totally understandable.

Amazon had no idea so many people would come out of the wood work to upload designs. No doubt many of them were professional shirt designers, and professional lets throw as much shit at the wall as possible to see what sticks kinds of peeps as well.

With that being said, Amazon must of had no choice but to temporarily shut down the entire uploading process across the board, but why then would they resume uploading for the biggest players, and not the little ones.

My hope is, is that they will allow us to resume uploading again soon, and hopefully Amazon doesn’t renege on the accounts that have already been approved via their initial sign-up process.

I would just like some information actually, something to give me a glimmer of hope at the end of this deep dark tunnel of confusion and utter despair. Ha ha, that was a bit dramatic I know, but please Amazon… just give us something.

Updated on February 10 2017

As of February 9 2017, I was able to resume publishing. I’m currently restricted to one new design upload per day, but at least now I can do something!

Oh, and you can modify your existing designs, and re-submit them without depleting your daily upload rations. I was a little confused about this at first, so don’t worry if you have to modify an already published shirt.

For those of you who have yet to be approved for the Merch program, Please be patient. There is no word currently on whether or not they have resumed approving accounts, but I’m sure it is only a matter of time now.

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