Console Giveaway Polling

Alright, so maybe you’ve taken one of my polls already, where I simply ask the question… which gaming console should I give away next?

I add them into every newsletter I send out, which is sent out on a yearly basis, and usually on the first of the year. So if you’re not signed up yet to receive these too awesome letters each quarter, then simply go do so via my gamer giveaway entry form.

In my latest poll, the gaming consoles up for vote are as follows: The super sexy Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, the new kid on the block, the Nintendo Switch, and the extremely stylish Xbox One Scorpio gaming entertainment system.

The choice is in your hands my fellow gamer, on which console I’ll be giving away next, so make sure you get your vote in now… before it’s too late!

Simply tap or click here to participate in my gaming console giveaway poll.

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